Århus to Aalborg

Børglum Kollegiet. Photo: Terry Mun

In the past few weeks, some very exciting things have taken place here in Århus.

Spring in gradually setting in and the days are getting longer. It is starting to feel more like a Melbourne winter now, allowing us internationals to defrost from the coldest winter of most of our lives.

The other week I had my first Danish band experience. Tagging along with people from my floor at Børglum, we went down to the ‘Vox Hall’ in the Århus CBD on a Wednesday night to see the gig. The venue was perfect, small enough to be intimate but not too crammed. It was similar to the Corner Hotel in Richmond back in Melbourne.

'The Rumour Said Fire' playing in Århus

The band was called The Rumour Said Fire, a Danish band that sing in English. I had only heard one of their songs prior, but left a fan of all of their tracks. Their style is catchy, laid back ‘indie-rock’.

Kasper, bass player of TRSF

After the show, we ran into a guy who had recently moved off of our floor. He was friends with the bass player from their high school days. Just before we were about to leave, the bass player, Kasper, came out and started talking to our friend. Phuong (from my floor) was star-struck out of her mind.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I went up to him and introduced myself as an ‘Australian fan’ of his and told him I would bring his band back with me to Australia.

Floor Crawl; Caroline and I in a zombie wedding

While on the topic of people on my floor at Børglum, this weekend we celebrated a Tour des Chambres. While this is a French term, it is also Danish for Floor Crawl.

Three AM came around and instead of going to bed after a night of drinking shots as frequently as the song changed on the stereo, Simon on my floor and two other guys I hadn’t met insisted that we partake in the “gentlemen’s game” of Beer Bowling.

Outside in the cold in two teams, we rolled a ball between us to try and knock over a bottle. It was a simple game, but it lead to many ‘penalty beers’ that required on the spot chugging. It was a true Danish experience and from what I can remember of it, a worth while one.

The three of us in Ålborg. Photo: Caroline McCarley

In the past few weeks I have also had my very first Couch Surfing experience. Emily, Caroline and I decided to take our Profile Interview assignments on the road. We jumped on a train and went on location to nearby Aalborg in Northern Denmark to find interesting people to interview.

Emily had managed to find someone in the town who was willing to host three non-Danish speakers for the weekend. Nice one, Emily!

Our Couch Surfer Host, Mikkel. Photo: Emily Dickinson

Saturday morning came around and we were knocking on the door of someone’s apartment we had never met, expecting accommodation and feeling a little apprehensive about the whole thing.

Fortunately, Mikkel turned out to be a great host and tour guide, showing us around the town. He was even so good to us he let me do my profile assignment on him.

Unsurprisingly, Aalborg looked a lot like Århus. Just smaller and colder. It was still nice to see a bit more of the country where we are living.

On Friday, Emily, Caroline and myself will take an infamous Ryanair flight south to Italy where we will Eurail ourselves from top to bottom, taking in as much warm weather as we can.

In the next edition: Follow Damien Eurailing through Italy, trying to speak to locals in their native tongue.

Jomfru Ane Gade in Aalborg is the largest street of bars in Scandinavia

Århus and Aalborg look the same


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2 Responses to Århus to Aalborg

  1. Michael Currie says:

    Another great entry Damo. Do you reckon we could get Beer Bowling into the Olympics?

  2. The Summer Olympics, or rather maybe the Winter Activities!?

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