Giro d’Italia: Part Four – Firenze

The morning after Emily’s birthday we promptly packed our bags and said our good byes to the Cinque Tezza. Sleep deprived and hung over, we made our way back to the train station for marked off another day on our Eurail passes.

Il ponte vecchio, Firenze

Unfortunately for Emily, the shenanigans of the night before left her travelling most of the day down to Florence with her head in the train toilet, reliving the previous nights festivities.

Florence was worth it, however. It was culture week which meant that everything was free for us to visit, only the lines were longer.

On top of the Duomo, on top of the world

We marvelled at the statue of David and had our breaths taken away by the views at the top of the Duomo.

The hostel we stayed in was a former ministery, although it resembled more a creepy mental institute. We befriended other weary travels that we came across, including our Canadian room mate. She was travelling just her and her cold, and left Emily and I sick after she had checked out a day earlier than us.

Locker McLockerson

Unfortunately, this girl also had a locking fetish. Whenever she would use the door to get into our room she would unlock it, and lock it behind her.

The reasons this was annoying were two-fold: One, we never carried our keys and would always have to wake her up and get her out of bed to let us inside the room. Two, she was a clumsy locker and woke the girls up numerously when she would go to the bathroom at night and rattle the lock in her desperate attempts to keep it bolted at all times.

Stumbling through Florence

A Tuscan Wonderland

Florence was a magical city and I cannot wait to return. The small streets that the three of us ‘stumbled’ upon and the delicious food and gelato that we ate were indescribable. The city had a vibe that made me want to be “more” Italian.

It was with regret that we had to leave the magic of the Firenze and, once again, board another Italian train to continue our adventure down to Rome.

In the next edition: Follow Damien through the eternal city.


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