Giro d’Italia: Part V – Roma

Roma, La Cittá Eterna

As much as I would love to say that our time in the Italian capital was filled with cultural experiences and renaissance enlightenment, it wasn’t.

The Trevi at night. Photo: Kim Ivany

We spent more time drinking Moretti beers in front of the Trevi Fountain after dark than learning ancient history of the city.


We did invest 30 euro each on a Hope On Hope Off style bus tour of the city. We thought this would be a genious way to transport ourselves around the town the most efficiently.

This building needs a retouch

Unfortunately, ‘Greenline Tours’ did not provide. I do not have the facts to support a claim that it is run by the mafia, but…

After spending hours walking the city, inadvertendly exploring, trying to find the stop for the bus we finally got the bus company’s ‘grand tour’ and rested our tired legs.

An evening in Roma

We met our international journalisthøjskole friends Kim and Hugo from Canada along the way, and together we spent a hyggelig evening with drinks, the Spanish Steps, good company, and bargained down drunk food (“Scusatemi, scusatemi, quanto costa per una pezza della pizza?)

We didn't know at the time that this cost 5Euro each...

We played gladiators at the colloseum, power walked through the Vatican to stay awake, hung out with the Pope on Palm Sunday mass in Piazza San Pietro as well as battling the induced nausea of Caroline’s multi vitamins.

It was real, it was great. It was really great.



In the next edition: Follow Damien south to Sorrento.

This bad boy makes something like 3000Euro a day


Kim is impressed


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